Few testimonials from some of the people that have added Attention their PlayList.


 "Good song, love the bass and love the lyricism"


"I love when you go from high to low sounds. The production of your song is AMAZING. I OBSESSED whit little details like when I’m background we hear hahaha I love it. In conclusion your song is really good?????" 

PLAYLIST LINK - https://open.spotify.com/playlist/63Rp2KYJSNkZLPVZM1nC1J


 "Your voice is really cleana and I love the melody of the song, its catchy and the hook is on point aswell"

PLAYLIST LINK - https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0f5x03Dh4Tki4AvnuLIqeI


"The track begins with beautiful guitars, we are immediately immersed in the universe of the artist, something very ambient and taking, we imagine very well an explosive and colorful continuation, and listening we are really not disappointed. The continuation reveals us a universe all around us, a bass in stereo and the same for the drums and the voice on the chorus. It is really very pleasant to listen to, the borrowed melodies lend themselves totally to the piece, it is original and especially very rich. The drums are doing well but remain simple, it is not the strong point of the track. The rhythmic here is mainly used to frame the track, to have something coherent in time and not to impress us. What will impress us here remains in the harmonies. The song is also very good when it calms down and we find ourselves alone with the guitars, the vocals and the drums. We feel that the bass really takes place without seeming it, when it disappears the atmosphere softens and this great contrast allows the track to be even richer in terms of dynamics and to always have something interesting to make us listen. Positive point: Beautiful harmonies, a very nice dynamic play with the bass. Negative: N/A. Review rating: Instrumentation: 9/10 Song/Rap: 7/10 Originality: 8/10 I really like this composition. We notice the artist has a real flow with a huge potential! I'm glad to add this sound. Feel free to share the playlist if you like it. Good continuation! Bastien Sandron"

PLAYLIST LINK - https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4y53PAYUB1XivCjXwRG4JI


"This is really a great song and performance. Firstly, singer's vocal tone is very impressive and attractive. Also music is very tuneful d beats and lyric are very catchy and unique. I really think that this song can be loved and listened by everyone. It suits to my playlist perfectly. Best regards and wishes"

PLAYLIST LINK - https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3LRX3R01GIlGKItzuPggTg

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